• Application: Machine tools
  • Installation country: Overseas countries
  • This scroll compressor is installed in Overseas countries for machine tools. Process chiller with brazed plate evaporator, stainless steel hydraulic circuit and double VFD pumps (one duty and one stand-by). Hitema customized chiller Model SBS.190 has been designed to work with an high water temperature difference and the two pumps regulate the flow rate maintaining constant the pressure difference between pump discharge and suction.

    The unit is also equipped with EC fans for a smooth regulation of the condensing temperature, while the compressors shut-off valves helps in maintenance operations.


  • Model: SBS.190
  • Type: scroll compressors
  • Country: Overseas countries
  • Application: machine tools
  • Cooling capacity: 234,3 kW
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Type of compressors: scroll
  • Power Supply: 460V/3ph/60Hz UL
  • Inlet/Outlet Temperature: 23,9°C / 11,7°C
  • Process Fluid: Water