• Application: Agriculture & farming
  • Installation country: France France
  • This scroll compressor is installed in France for agriculture and farming. The use of low GWP refrigerants is an Hitema strong asset. The two scroll compressors use R454B a green solution in terms of CO2 emissions.

    Moreover thanks the fan speed regulator and the adjustable pressure switch the fans regulated the condensing temperature comparing the ambient one allowing to increase the efficiency of the unit. The compressors jackets and the limited fans speed permit to reduce the unit noise.


  • Model: ENR.100
  • Type: scroll
  • Country: France
  • Application: agriculture & farming
  • Cooling capacity: 80,1kW
  • Refrigerant: R454B
  • Type of compressors: scroll
  • Evaporator Inlet/Outlet Temperature: 9°C / 4°C
  • Process Fluid: 35% Ethylene glycol