• Application: Machine tools
  • Installation country: Switzerland Switzerland
  • This scroll compressor is installed in Switzerland for machine tools. This green solution has been designed for countries where there are limitations regarding the amount of refrigerant into the refrigerant circuits.

    This unit have two refrigerant circuits with one scroll compressor, one brazed plate evaporator and one microchannel condenser each and this allow to charge around 7 kg of R32 (GWP 675) per circuit. There is the possibility to add up to 8 modules to the installation, each one with those characteristics providing a very reliable (each module can be isolated and removed guarantying continuity of operation) efficient and environmental friendly solution.


  • Model: SBS-MC.120
  • Type: scroll compressors
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Application: machine tools
  • Cooling capacity: 122,6 kW
  • Refrigerant: R32 (GWP 675)
  • Type of compressors: scroll
  • Inlet/Outlet Temperature: 12°C / 7°C
  • Minimum ambient temperature: -20°C