• Application: Extrusion machine
  • Installation country: Germany Germany
  • This scroll compressor is installed in Germany for extrusion machine. The increased size condenser of this unit allow it to works until 48°C ambient temperature at 15°C of leaving water temperature. A shell and tube evaporator, a carbon steel tank, an expansion vessel and a process pump all together offer the client a complete solution to manage the cooling circuit.

    The unit is able to easily follow the cooling demand variations thanks to the two refrigerant circuits with two scroll compressor each (hence four partialization steps).


  • Model: ENR.230
  • Type: scroll
  • Country: Germany
  • Application: extrusion machine
  • Cooling capacity: 212 kW
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Type of compressors: scroll
  • Inlet/Outlet Temperature: 20°C / 15°C
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 48°C