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  • Oil-free compressors. Compressor on magnetic bearings

    Chillers with TURBOCOR compressors are available in both water-cooled and air-cooled configurations ranging from 200kW to 1600kW.

    Technical Data

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All models are equipped with an immersion evaporator. The immersion evaporator provides the best performance at low evaporation temperatures. Upon request, all models can be equipped with a glycol-suitable water pump and storage tank to ensure accurate temperature control even when there is a high variable heat load from the process.

With a wide range of cooling capacities up to 1400 kW for air-cooled models and 3500 kW for water-cooled models, all customer requirements can be met. All chillers in these series are equipped with one or more oil-free turbocharger compressors that provide maximum efficiency, especially at part load.

Degree of electric protection - IP54 for all models. All devices are tested at Hitema's manufacturing facility prior to shipment to ensure Customers get the best performance, reliability and continuity of service. It is recommended to install a suitable filter on the water supply side of the device.

The Turbocor compressor capacity is adjusted steplessly according to the actual heat load and the chiller condensing temperature. The automated control system changes the rotor speed. In this case, the compressor performance varies in the range from 30 to 100%. The power consumption of the compressor also decreases or increases. Under partial load conditions, the Turbocor compressor has the highest level of energy efficiency.

  • Runs on environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant
  • Operates without the use of oil on magnetic bearings
  • Has a high speed motor
  • Sound pressure level less than 70 dB
  • Compact dimensions - 1/5 smaller than a screw compressor
  • Minimum compressor weight 120 kg