• Country of origin: Italy Italy
  • The Gekko AIR RF series are industrial air-cooled liquid chillers with free-cooling function. Designed for outdoor installation.

    Chillers are designed for applications that require reliability, continuity, high performance. Refrigeration power 9 – 355 kW. R410A / R32 / R454B refrigerant.

    Technical Data

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  • The unique design of the coaxial evaporator has been specially developed for industrial process cooling. This solution provides high flow rates with minimal pressure drop and stable operation in the presence of impurities in the cooled liquid.
  • Execution with several freon contours. This configuration provides high efficiency at partial loads
  • Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant delivers improved performance due to higher heat capacity
  • IP54 protection class allows chiller to be installed outdoors
  • A wide range of accessories and additional equipment kits for flexible equipment of the chiller according to the needs of the client
  • The refrigeration circuit is designed to work both with hydraulic systems under atmospheric pressure and under excess pressure (up to 6 bar)
  • Comprehensive protection system including: phase monitor, pressure switch, frost protection sensors, water level sensors, as well as a built-in water bypass circuit.

Standard version

  • Hermetically sealed scroll compressor
  • Air-cooled condenser with copper tubes and aluminum fins
  • Coaxial evaporator (RF022-RF100)
  • Shell and tube evaporator (RF130-RF370)
  • Built-in pump P3 (3 bar)
  • Mechanical expansion valve
  • AC axial fans
  • Degree of protection IP54
  • microprocessor controller
  • Refrigerant R410A

Basic Options

  • Execution for operation with low refrigerant temperatures (down to -10°С)
  • High pressure pump (5 bar)
  • Standby pump
  • Built-in storage tank
  • Compressor inverter drive
  • Soft start compressor
  • EC - fans with high static pressure up to 150 Pa
  • Winter kit for chiller operation at negative ambient temperatures. environments
  • Version of the hydraulic circuit made of stainless steel
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Expansion tank
  • Superheated gas automatic supply line
  • Modbus interface module, Planwatch
  • Remote control panel